Sunday, April 17, 2011

zatie fall in love....???

gempak kan tajuk entry aku kali ni..
hebat jgk la kan..
aku jatuh cinta ka??
"YES" I admit that question..
then people ask me..
"who that guys you love??"
hmmmm..still thinking to give my heart to whom..
but the way..
i give my heart to my "MR BLOG"
that my guy...
so dont ask me many question k...
hehehehehe :)

sangat sayangkan "MR BLOG" sayer nih..
dulu dah ade tp tak sayangkan sgt..
sbb 2 sanggup n siap delete lagi.. 
(bersebab delete nih)
but now, i dont want to delete it bcos i want to share everything about my life.
sad, happy, let "MR. BLOG" knows about that..
it like my BFF BEBF
i love my "MR. BLOG"
accually im happy with my life now..
everyone have ak problem but who cares about that..
life must go on..
aku wanita, aku kaum hawa...punya perasaan..

i'm fall in love with MR. BLOG

thanks MR. BLOG kerana hadir dalam hidup aku utk mendengar masalah aku, kegembiraan aku dan segala yang seangkatan dengannya..  hehehehe :P

"saranghae MR. BLOG"

(practise english 4 my LSP 401.. hope i can can get better than LSP 300..happy with LSP 401) 

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